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Georgian Dream elects Khobi municipal council member, expelled from Giorgi Gakharia's party, as Deputy Chairman of the council

Khobi municipal council member Nugzar Shushani, who was expelled from Giorgi Gakharia's party, has been elected Deputy Chairman of the municipal council by the Georgian Dream.As Berdia Sichinava, a member of the For Georgia party told InterPressNews, the decision was made at the Khobi municipal council session today."The party pursues a strict policy in relation to every such case. All those, who will be noticed in any form of bribery or cooperation with another political party, naturally, will be expelled from the party by our political council. As you can see, our information was confirmed the very next day. There will be no place for such people in our party," said Berdia Sichinava.According to him, the Government is actively persecuting the representatives of the For Georgia party, including members of the municipal councils."We can directly say that the Government is actively persecuting representatives of our political party, including members of the municipal councils. They use different methods. You know very well that the criminal world is directly involved in all this," said Berdia Sichinava.The For Georgia party stated yesterday that "Nugzar Shushania and Maka Chartia, members of the Khobi municipal council, who had been bribed and won over by the Dream, were expelled from the party. According to the party, Nugzar Shushania was promised the position of the Deputy Chairman of the municipal council.


არჩილ თალაკვაძე
Georgia not to return to street and destabilization politics, Vice Speaker says

Georgia will never return to the street and destabilization politics. The government will do its best to continue democratic reforms,” said Parliament Vice Speaker Archil Talakvadze.Talakvadze said the radical opposition chooses street protest, while other opposition parties support European parliamentary result-oriented policies.Vice Speaker remarked on the statement of the Girchi-More Freedom party leader, Zurab Japaridze, who said that anti-government protests would resume from September.


J&J to replace talc-based powder with cornstarch after cancer lawsuits

The announcement comes more than two years after the healthcare giant ended sales of the product in the US.J&J faces tens of thousands of lawsuits from women who allege its talcum powder contained asbestos and caused them to develop ovarian cancer.But the company reiterated its view that decades of independent research shows the product is safe to use."As part of a worldwide portfolio assessment, we have made the commercial decision to transition to an all cornstarch-based baby powder portfolio," it said in a statement.The firm added that cornstarch-based baby powder is already sold in countries around the world.


Tourist infrastructure arranged in Dedoplistskaro

Villagio Eco Company arranged a tourist infrastructure in Mirzaani village of the Dedoplistskaro Municipality with the support of the Rural Development Program in Georgia.The hotel unites 10 wooden cottages with the investment in the amount of over 225 thousand GEL and with co-financing of the program with 170 thousand GEL. Thirteen locals are employed at the hotel.The grant program was initiated by the EU and UNDP and ran in partnership with the Rural Development Agency of Georgia’s Ministry of Environmental Protection and Agriculture.The program financed 76 projects in Keda, Kholo, Borjomi, Akhalkalaki, Tetritskaro, Kazbegi and Dedoplistskaro Municipalities.


Irakli Gharibashvili congratulates the citizens of Didgori

The Prime Minister of Georgia, Irakli Gharibashvili, congratulates the citizens of Didgori.According to the head of the government, the heritage of Didgori determines our national self-awareness and belief that by standing together as a nation and a monk, with love for the country, and loyalty to the values ​​of freedom and independence, we will be able to overcome the challenges of the country and make the country whole."Congratulations to Didgori - Victory Day of Georgians! "Mighty Sakvirveli" is a symbol of Georgia's strength, unity, struggle for the motherland and dedication. Over the centuries, the heritage of Didgori has determined our national self-awareness and belief that by standing together as a nation and a monk, with love for the country, and loyalty to the values ​​of freedom and independence, we will be able to overcome all challenges, smooth the country and achieve our historical goals. I wish consolidation, strengthening and progress to our homeland!", the Prime Minister's statement said.


Donald Trump does not oppose US bid to unseal Mar-a-Lago search warrant

In a statement, Mr Trump said he was encouraging its "immediate release" - but repeated his claim the search was unnecessary and politically motivated.The US Department of Justice has made a rare request to a Florida court to unseal the warrant.If granted, it would mean the documents are made available to the public.And it could confirm the reason for Monday's search of Mr Trump's Florida home - something that the justice department has not yet revealed.The FBI search is believed to be connected to an investigation into whether the former president removed classified records and sensitive material from the White House.


Strikes at Ukraine nuclear plant prompt U.N. call for demilitarised zone

Russia and Ukraine accused each other of shelling Europe's biggest nuclear power plant, compounding fears of a disaster as the U.N. chief said it should be made a demilitarised zone and Ukraine demanded that Russian forces withdraw from it.


Georgian PM meets Demirören Holding Chair

Georgian Prime Minister Irakli Garibashvili met Yıldırım Demirören, Chairman of Demirören Holding on Thursday.Parties discussed the prospects of future cooperation. The focus was made on the investment opportunities in various directions, including the hospitality industry, real estate sector, energy and information technologies. It was noted that a large investment will be injected by the company for the construction of a new, 5-star hotel branded as Old Iveria in Tskaltubo.The potential of the country was highlighted at the meeting.According to the Prime Minister of Georgia, a stable and favourable business environment exists in the country for investors, with low rates and small number of taxes and unique location of the country, making Georgia particularly attractive for foreign investors.The meeting held at the Government Administration was attended by Ziya Alemdar, Vice-President of Demirören Holding and Supervisory Council Members – Sinan Oktay and Alaattin Aykaç; Kıvanç Oktay, Chairman of Lidya Yapi A.S. and Ivane Nakaidze, Founding Partner and CEO of Petrocas Energy Group.


Podolyak's statement 'not correct,' Georgian Defence Minister, MP Sarjveladze say

Georgian Defence Minister Juansher Burchuladze and MP Mikheil Sarjveladze today echoed the statement by Ukrainian presidential adviser Mykhailo Podolyak, who yesterday said, “Georgian officials should change their tone, and if they cannot do it for some reasons, then shrink their public statements over Ukraine.”Juansher Burchuladze claims the “narrative” stemming from the Ukrainian authorities towards the Georgian Government is “not correct”.  “The Georgian Government had repeatedly tried to thaw its relations with the Ukrainian counterparts,” the Minister went on.MP Sarjveladze believes Podoliak’s “rhetoric” aims to “attack” and “criticize us” and make “the most serious” accusations, “all this discredits our country.”In his statement, Mykhailo Podolyak also said the ruling Georgian Dream founder and former PM Bidzina Ivanishvili should face sanctions.“There were rich people both in Georgia and Ukraine, we call them oligarchs. They buy parties, take seats in the parliament and have an influence on political processes. Ukraine went against it. We are trying to bring this process to the end, and Georgia should also do the same. Deoligarchization is an effective way and I am sure the country will go this way,” the Ukrainian presidential adviser stated.


კახა კალაძე
Kakha Kaladze - Georgia does not start a war and does not get involved in a war - we welcome the influx of tourists

According to Tbilisi Mayor Kakha Kaladze, Georgia is not starting a war against Russia and is not involved in the Russia-Ukraine war. This is how he answered the journalist's question, what is the Georgian government doing at a time when the next package of European Union sanctions may include a ban on entering the Shegen zone for Russian citizens.As Kaladze noted, he welcomes the influx of tourists to Georgia and does not see any problem with it."We have repeatedly made a statement that Georgia does not start a war and does not get involved in a war. There will be no "second front" in Georgia, Georgia does not join the sanctions. This is very important. We welcome the influx of tourists, I don't see any problem if any company or person is sanctioned , of course, this will be followed in Georgia within the framework of the law and the constitution. In Georgia, there is a constitution and there is a law, any person, be it a citizen of Georgia or a foreign country, if he violates the law of Georgia, he will be followed by an appropriate response," said Kaladze.


Satellite pictures show devastation at Russian air base in Crimea

Satellite pictures released on Thursday showed devastation at a Russian air base in Crimea, hit days earlier in an attack that suggested Kyiv may have obtained new long-range strike capability with potential to change the course of the war.